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Geographical Open Data Kit (GeoODK)

Project Description

GeoODK provides a way to collect and store geo-referenced information, along with a suite of tools to visualize, analyze and manipulate ground data for specific needs. It enables an understanding of the data for decision-making, research, business, disaster management, agriculture and more. As a multi-dimensional application, GeoODK?s goal is to provide an open source platform that can be expanded to address current and future needs of data collection.

In each of the projects there has been a need to gather, validate, and simply implement data collection methodologies for various reasons, which is why we started using the open data kit (ODK). Our group found that we need various mapping functionalities as well as the survey based information. These include: offline mapping, visualization of collected data on the phone/tablet and the ability to collect point, polygon and GPS tracing data (and then associate this spatial information with all the collected form information). We also were requested to add offline imagery, which was a challenge to store all the necessary remotely sensed information.


The application is completely open source and its main purpose is to be customizable. The main goal of GeoODK is to combine mobile data collection technologies and GIS mapping.

Some examples of projects that use and support GeoODK at the University of Maryland are: