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Digital Tools to gather Field-level Agricultural Statistics

Project Description

Leveraging the massive expansion of mobile smartphone technology across the world, we seek to put the power of remote satellite monitoring and the convenience of digital note taking into the hands of farmers in Africa, Asia and Europe. The 6th Grain company brings expertise on gathering farmer information, digital satellite imagery, agricultural modeling and high quality software user interfaces to develop a tool that will gather high value information on yields, management strategies, and technology that can enable big data analytical approaches for small and medium sized farming enterprises. The 6th Grain farmer application will connect a farmer directly to traders and to financial and value chain services so that the risk of farming is reduced. Our application will create a customer-centric agriculture environment that will provide satellite data, up to date weather history and forecast, a digital online notebook, daily yield estimates and other services in exchange for the farmer digitizing their field and providing three years of historical production and management information. 6th Grain works with governments and agribusinesses to meet the needs of farmers in Africa, Europe and Asia. We intend to use thousands of farm management information to improve and train crop models and cropped area classifications to fundamentally transform what we know about farmer behavior.

Project personnel

Molly E Brown,

Point of contact
Molly E Brown